Photos from Budapest

Visiting Budapest on 6.-10.1.2005 we had the opportunity to visit the opening of a new dog school, lead by Zoltan Nagy. Zoltan can be seen as the helper in the bitework pictures below.
Many thanks to our new friends in Budapest for inviting us to watch the training!
You can find the link to the school's pages at the group portrait.

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Below you can see Andrea with Madness:

Here is Timi with Dariusz (from Garde Royal -kennel):

We vere suprised by seeng a Bordeaux dogge to do bitework, but learned - and were even more suprised - that his main work is search and rescue:

Fox terrier Casper showed us all that the grip of a terrier is not a myth:

For intermission we saw some agility:

And we even saw even some tricks performed by Cuba (from von Dorlatos -kennel) and his handler Sarolta Leczki. Cuba also showed us some really nice protection work - although his main work is search and rescue in which he has represented Hungary at world championships. Mikko also had a chance to learn to speak Hungarian with Cuba:

And our visit to erdikutyaiskola was arranged by Attila Ferencz from